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Scindapsus treubii Mint -STMT000028

Scindapsus treubii Mint -STMT000028

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Beautiful vine, with large leaf size. Can be divided to make a full pot, if desired, or added to a moss pole/plant. Ships in 3" slotted pot, as shown. 


Scindapsus treubii "Mints" are a personal favorite! This variety has a soothing, denim like variegation best appreciated up close. It is a vining/trailing plant with lovely glossy leaves. This is the mint variegated version of green treubii, not to be confused with 'Moonlight' mint. Variegation is much stronger when plant is kept warmer (above 75 degrees) and in elevated humidity (about 65% RH.)


Medium to bright, in-direct light. Water when first 2 inches of the substrate are dry, or a self-wicking pot. These do not like to dry out completely. They will lose their glossy texture if kept too dry.

***If purchasing a cutting in moss, keep moss damp, but never wet. If water is pooling at the bottom of the pot, set it on a paper towel to draw out excess. Place in a prop box with nice light or some place warm & humid with adequate air flow for best results.***


Complimentary thermal insulation to protect your items from extreme temperatures. If you're worried about extreme cold please add a heat pack

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