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Scindapsus Rubicon - #SCRU000019

Scindapsus Rubicon - #SCRU000019

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Stunning rooted mid-cut from high variegation mother. Plant displays the beautiful moonlight sheen and both marble and sectoral variegation. Ships in 3" clear pot and sphagnum moss, as shown. 


This is a stunning new cultivar of Scindapsus treubii 'Moonlight' with bright yellow variegation that is native to Indonesia. New leaves start off green, but as the leaf hardens, the variegated area turns to a bright yellow, and eventually cream. They are happy to cascade or shingle if provided something to climb. 

CARE: Bright in-direct light, water when nearly dry, but never let the plant dry all the way out as it will dull the glossy sheen. They are a good candidate for self-wicking pots.


Complimentary thermal insulation to protect your items from extreme temperatures. If you're worried about extreme cold please add a heat pack

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