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Scindapsus Dark Princess Tricolor NOID - SCDP000048

Scindapsus Dark Princess Tricolor NOID - SCDP000048

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YOUR EXACT PLANT: Small plant with 3 leaves and counting. Nicely rooted. Please note the tip is missing from one of the leaves, as evident in the photos. Established in coco coir aroid mix. Ships in 3" orchid pot as shown.

ABOUT ME: A dark and beautiful un-registered cultivar, referred to as 'Dark Princess Tricolor'. It is the juvenile (vining) form of what some people refer to as 'Black Mamba.' Leaves start off green and get darker with time. The splotchy 3rd layer of color appears over the silver pattern, and seems to be more intense on mature plants grown in high humidity.  Native to Indonesia. 

CARE: Medium to bright in-direct light, with humidity above 65% RH. They can be grown in ambient humidity, but some of the desired features may disappear. 

****If purchasing a cutting potted in moss, keep moss damp, but never wet. If your pot feels heavy from too much water, set it on paper towels to draw out the excess. Best growth will happen in a high humidity environment that is bright, and warm.**** 


Complimentary thermal insulation to protect your items from extreme temperatures. If you're worried about extreme cold please add a heat pack

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