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Scindapsus Cuttings Bundle - #SCUT000016

Scindapsus Cuttings Bundle - #SCUT000016

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Scindapsus cutting bundle. You will find some are rooted and ready to remove, but all are at different levels/stages of rooting and should be removed as they become ready. Some cuttings may have extra nodes, but pricing (selling) as unrooted so any extras are a bonus, not the expectation. 

Starting from top left: Green Veins x3 leaves/nodes (premium color/pattern)

Middle: Very large S.pictus "Gunung Salak" OG version in shingling form 

Bottom starting from the left: Dark Tricolor "Snakescale", Silver Knight, S. coriaceus Aurea Variegated, Silver Swan


Bundle comes in a fully enclosed plastic case that serves as a humidity chamber for rooting. There is a perlite bottom and long fiber sphagnum moss for optimal rooting. Open daily for air exchange and seal back up for best results. Put in a warm and bright location. Open more and more daily to acclimate plants once they have sufficient roots and remove as needed. 


***Future variegation can never be guaranteed, as in the nature of variegated plants.***


Complimentary thermal insulation to protect your items from extreme temperatures. If you're worried about extreme cold please add a heat pack

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