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Scindapsus 'Blue Albo' - SCBA000020

Scindapsus 'Blue Albo' - SCBA000020

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Scindapsus 'Blue Albo' single node mid-cut. Starter roots, but not fully established. Root pics are prior to planting so they should be further along by at least 1 week prior to posting. Minor blemish on the white portion of the leaf, however, it is not growing. Ships in moss/perlite mix in a 3" clear orchid pot. 

An un-registered cultivar of variegated hederaceus known as 'Blue Albo'. It is the blue/gray color of variegation, in addition to the white variegation that gives this cultivar its name. This particular variety is native to Thailand and is considered the original 'Blue Albo.'


Bright, in-direct light, with humidity above 60% RH. Water when nearly dry, but do not let it dry out completely. They can be grown in ambient humidity, but we find they do best in elevated humidity with a wooden plank or a moss pole to climb. ***If purchasing a cutting in moss, keep moss damp, but do not let dry all the way out or leave soaking wet. Set on a paper towel to pull out excess water if necessary.  Bright light, warmth, and high humidity will produce faster results.***


Complimentary thermal insulation to protect your items from extreme temperatures. If you're worried about extreme cold please add a heat pack

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