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MossMate - Modular Moss Pole

Introducing MossMate, the revolutionary modular moss pole designed for plant enthusiasts who value efficiency, sustainability, and superior plant care.

Key Features:

1. Efficient Water Distribution: MossMate’s custom ripple design ensures optimal water flow from the top down, providing consistent moisture to the sphagnum moss medium. This method enhances water distribution, promoting healthier and more vigorous plant growth.

2. Moss-Saving Design: With its innovative structure, MossMate requires significantly less sphagnum moss compared to traditional moss poles, making it both an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution.

3. Weighted Base: The new weighted base further enhances balance and protection against tipping, ensuring your plants remain secure and upright.

4. Tree Bark Simulation: The hard plastic backing simulates the hard bark of a tree, while the thinner layer of moss promotes the growth of advantageous climbing roots necessary for producing shingling Scindapsus.

5. Easy Watering Funnel: Equipped with a custom funnel, MossMate simplifies the watering process, ensuring your plants receive the right amount of hydration with minimal effort.


- Healthier Plants: Enhanced water distribution supports better hydration and nutrient uptake.
- Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective: Uses less sphagnum moss, reducing environmental impact and saving you money.
- Stable and Versatile: Modular weighted base fits various pot sizes and provides excellent stability.
- Natural Growth Stimulation: Tree bark simulation promotes the development of climbing roots.
- User-Friendly: Custom funnel makes watering easy and efficient.

Elevate your plant care routine with MossMate, the modular moss pole that combines innovation, sustainability, and practicality for thriving, beautiful plants.

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