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Monstera adansonii variegated (Indo Mint) - MAMT000037

Monstera adansonii variegated (Indo Mint) - MAMT000037

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YOUR PLANT: Large (mature) fenestrated plant. Nicely balanced variegation on each leaf. Ships in 4" pot and coco coir substrate as shown.

ABOUT ME: Monstera adansonii "Indonesian Mint" is native to the Indonesian rainforests. Variegation appears to be pretty stable in this cultivar and may also be light sensitive. Can be grown up a moss pole, plank, or left to cascade. Vigorous grower.

 CARE: Bright to very-bright, in-direct light or grow lights. Water when nearly dry and fertilize on a schedule. Enjoys elevated humidity, but will also do well in ambient conditions. 

***Future variegation can never be guaranteed, as is the nature of variegated plant.***


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