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M. adansonii 'Japanese Tricolor' - #MAJT000012

M. adansonii 'Japanese Tricolor' - #MAJT000012

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YOUR EXACT PLANT: Established plant with premium variegation rooted in moss/perlite combo. Ships in 3" slotted pot as shown in photos. 

ABOUT ME: Monstera adansonii is a tropical plant that grows native in the jungles of South & Central America. You will find it growing up trees with leaf size increasing as it continues to grow. Often referred to as "Swiss Cheese Plant" due to the holes (fenestrations.) This particular variety was cultivated by a famous Japanese plant collector, thus it's name, 'Japanese Tricolor.' It presents both white & light green variegation, as opposed to just the white. 

CARE: Bright, in-direct light. Water when nearly dry, but never let it dry all the way out. It prefers to be evenly damp in an airy mix.  Not fussy about humidity, but ideally between 60-85% RH. (We've grown them as low as 35%)

****If purchasing a cutting potted in moss, keep moss damp, but never soaking wet. If your pot feels heavy from too much water, set it on paper towels to draw out the excess. Best growth will happen in a high humidity environment that is bright, and warm.****



Complimentary thermal insulation to protect your items from extreme temperatures. If you're worried about extreme cold please add a heat pack

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